The next generation

As I watch my grand daughter go about learning new things in life, I wonder what her world will be like when she’s an adult. In today’s environment, prospects for employment, education, and equality seem particularly dim in the eyes of us old- timers. It is then that I begin to reflect on my own upbringing and life journey and realize the hope and joy of new opportunities on the horizon. The same hand – wringing about changes in societal norms were prevalent as my generation evolved into adulthood only then it was still based on the struggle for racial and economic equality for those who felt left out of the process. I didn’t think about political involvement as a way of expressing my views, I was more concerned with relationships and establishing my place as an adult in this world. Only when I reached my mid twenties did I begin to understand that governmental policies ( from local, state, and federal levels) and those elected with creating/ enforcing them had more of an impact on my life than I imagined. By today’s standards, there is much more involvement by young people to have a voice in the way this country should be run. You see more tolerance for interracial relationships, acceptance for alternative lifestyles, even an open mindedness about electing a ” nontraditional” candidate to run for the highest office in our land. Watching the younger generation expertly navigate social media is a joy to behold – so much so that I have begun to educate myself about the benefits of intergrating this into my daily life. The genesis of computers and the internet sprung from enlightened people of my generation and has expanded with knowledge from those who came after us. So despite all those who only see doom on the horizon, I can only say to them that what we have learned and taught our children can only be beneficial to future generations because they have a vision of life that will undoubtedly lead to more innovations in science, medicine, and economics. Welcome to a new world, baby girl!!


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