The Continuing Saga of Trump’s Call to Ban All Muslims

Another wave of elections have come and gone. Hillary Clinton is marching convincingly to the Democratic nomination while Donald Trump continues to rack up delegates as the “Stop Trump” movement lurches and fumbles  to find any way to stop him. It has become sort of a memorized mantra as to why many Republicans support The Donald. Recited rhetoric such as ” he tells it like it is, he isn’t beholden to special interests, he’ll make America great again” seem to burst forth from supporters in an almost robotic soliloquy. There have been so many reasons that some view Trump’s meteoric rise in the polls as an indictment against the ‘establishment’ that no amount of discussion nor reasoning could dissuade them from thinking otherwise. Aside from his embrace of unruly and violent retribution against those who dared disrupt his rallies, discounting the xenophobic, misogynistic statements which poured from his lips early in his fledgling campaign, and his continuing bloviating about restoring America to greatness
via negotiation, the most troubling aspect of his campaign is the continued belief of his sycophants that all Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. Never mind that there exists upwards of 1.7 billion Muslims in the world, the fact that that there is no real discernable way to identify ALL of them makes such a pronouncement troublesome. The origin of this recent anti – Islamic sentiment stems from the tragedy which occurred in San Bernardino, California on December 02, 2015 where 14 innocents were killed and 22 injured. Add to that the searing remembrance of the December 11, 2001 terror attacks and the rise of the Islamic State conducting acts of barbarism via social media understandably stoked fears amongst some of the citizenry. Whereas Trump has seized on this fear to enhance his positioning within the Republican Party( which is a common tactic politicians exploit to garner votes), results from exit polls show that those voters on the right in general and Trump supporters in particular harbor strong feelings on this issue. Polling shows that 2/3rds of Republicans support a ban on Muslims, 75% of Trump disciples approve of such a measure, and a staggering 78% of his base in the Southern states overwhelmingly wish it to be the law of the land(
What makes this so alarming is that facts seem to have been omitted in relation to the everyday dangers the average American faces when going about their routine. Since 2007 until present, there have been a total of 45 fatalities from terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens on our soil( By contrast, in the same period, there have been at least 372 mass shootings leaving up to 475 dead and 1,870 injured ( Whether it’s fear of offending those who cling to their Second Amendment rights or refusal to acknowledge that most of the perpetrators who carry out these atrocities are predominately white males, there has not been much of an outcry from either party. It may seem in fashion to portray Muslims as the bogeyman during this primary season to gain an advantage over an opponent, but one should remember that they are part of the electorate, have served our country in various capacities, work and pay taxes, and generally assimilate into this melting pot called America.


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