Born to be Alive!!!!

Going through the transition from displaced worker to independent freelance writer, I have had many a moment when things looked pretty bleak. I question things like my financial outlook, what subjects interest me enough to write about, how can I continue to developed and expand my domain and social media connections, and why is it taking so long to make my mark in this niche industry. By researching other writers, talking to those who are successful and content in their occupations, along with instructors who love to disseminate knowledge concerning the wonders of social media, I was at once both intimidated
and enthralled !!!! Intimidation was a factor because this is a new venture for me. I have been adept at espousing my views via a comment section on some random news article or blog post which interested me but taking it to another level of actually developing my own ideas to share across the medium presented so many unknowns. Understanding that there are perhaps millions to tens of millions of other writers and bloggers in cyberspace – many that possess greater skills and backgrounds – only increased my anxiety but the commitment to actually becoming a part of this community remains. What causes so much excitement for me is the undeniable fact that there is so much to learn about this new world. Where is the niche audience? Should my writing inform, motivate, or enrage people who read it? Does the information I parse out enable the reader to further pursue other means of information by way of differing media platforms? Will it someday lead me to higher exposure or notoriety? Mostly, the biggest question is will  I be able to earn a living doing what brings me enjoyment.


Through the various journeys of life I have traversed, they lead to one singular realization: a life of fulfillment can either be attainable by effort and reward, or denied when one is consumed by failure and constraint. I’ve worked in occupations which have committed me to 16 hour days up to 7 days a week yet lacked satisfaction even as I was content with nice paychecks therefore enabling me to enjoy some luxuries in life for myself and my family. In this moment of my life, reflection becomes a permanent companion whom I can lean on when melancholy creeps in. I contemplate all that has transpired on my life’s journey; all the friends and family who’ve passed on, the memorable or unforgettable jobs I’ve worked, the loves I’ve engaged in, and the many other instances where I have survived and flourish and come up with one conclusion – I was born to be alive and to live this life to its fullest, no matter what!!!

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