Where Is The Outrage When Blacks Destroy Our Own Lives and Property?

Where Is The Outrage When Blacks Destroy Our Own Lives and Property?

Another police involved shooting of a Black male. More coverage of an African-American community being destroyed by African-Americans accompanied by the usual deflection of blaming “systematic racism” for the atrocities.

This time, the chaos happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when law enforcement officers shot and killed an armed man. Protesters burned six businesses, including a gas station, and threw rocks at police, leaving four officers injured, seven police vehicles damaged and 17 people arrested.

According to reports, 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith and another person were driving through a north-side neighborhood and were pulled over by police. Both persons fled the car and a footchase ensued. It ended when an officer shot Smith after ordering him to put down his gun.

In all fairness, it is reasonable to question the police version of the incident given that there is a proven track record of killing unarmed black males and authorities trying to cover up evidence in support of their law enforcement officers but my complaint focuses more on the actions some of my African-American brothers and sisters think are justified.

Darryl Riles
DK Riles


I grew up in Chicago, Illinois on the South side. I lived in the Robert Taylor Homes (otherwise known as the “projects”) in the early 1960’s when true segregation and racism was common. Like many others, my parents and grandparents caught the brunt of the extreme prejudices that existed and fought to make sure the next generation would have better opportunities than they had.

My parents stressed a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King’s ” I Have A Dream” speech:

” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

I live by that philosophy even today but when I see violent protests in our neighorhoods, another King quote comes to mind:

” Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.”

To me, rioting and protesting when a cop shoots down a person of color but not raising the same type of hell when some thug kills anyone is insane. When I watch our so called Black leaders show up on television to rant about the white man’s oppression but offer no real solutions or motivation for us as a people to aggressively stand against those in our own community who do much more damage on a daily basis, it pisses me off.
The most troubling aspect of this whole dilemma to me occurs when those of us who have managed to find success despite bigoted obstruction are ridiculed, belittled, and even attacked as “acting or talking white” by fellow members of our race. It makes it very difficult at times to give back when you are ostracised for doing well.
Destroying your own neighborhood will do nothing for the economic developement that area may need. No business owner is going to invest there for fear of losing everything. You can’t attack law enforcement then turn around and call them for help when some
idiot is attacking you.
Finally, we are fortunate to live in an age where a black man can succeed to be President of the United States = something our ancestors could never fathom – or aspire to be the best at whatever he chooses to be. Learn how to beat back racism by voting in the right people, challenge those within your community to fight back against those who seek to make it a warzone full of drugs and violence. Don’t keep waiting for some magic solution.
As those who came before us proved, it is only when we look within ourselves that any positive change can come about for us as a people. Let’s start by comfronting those who want to destroy the communities we live in.

Anonymous Courage: The Power Of Social Media

Despicable-Me-2-Minions-1200x1920-1680x1050I’ve been using social media for some time now but it wasn’t until recently that I really experienced what some have long expressed concern about.

To be fair, I have enjoyed having discussions and interaction via comment sections of various news outlets. They have been intense, knowledgeable, and most times respectable.

That presented an opportunity to discover an on-line news site which allowed me contribute articles which could inform and alert readers about the pressing issues of the day.

Those who were mentoring me on the advantages of social media stressed how increasing viewership could help in establishing your brand. Sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and other portals are essential to gaining exposure for your work.

One element I didn’t know about involved joining other social media groups that shared your passions and interests so I began looking for the sites I could participate in. There are hundreds of sites on the internet which cover virtually any subject you can imagine. Some encourage open involvement, others require that you become part of a select group. I made choices based on the site’s topic, requirements and volume of information available.

A website dealing with abortion caught my attention because the issue is very sensitive to me. It was a closed group where you could express opinions and exchange ideas with only those who subscribed.

On my first day, I came across an article detailing legislative opposition against abortions which had been promoted by the pro-life movement. I added my take on the situation through the comments section and waited to see if it would generate a response.

Initially replies stayed along the lines of support and disagreement about my comment.   As the day wore on however, I was exposed to a site that seemed composed of people whose only purpose was to write inflammatory, profanity – laced juvenile insults that had little to do with the subject at hand and offered practically no insight.

What alarmed me was the sheer number of participants who joined in the conversation merely to inject their venomous rants meant to simply trash someone on a personal level.

Hate on the internet!!!
So much anger and hate on the internet!!!

This led me to wonder – if those same people had a face-to-face  conversation, would they have dared to use the exact language they seemed comfortable stroking on a keyboard? Would the bravado and narcissism be on display so willingly? Probably not.

Which goes to show not only some individuals lack of morals, but of courage also. Too often we see on websites and pages those who would never use such vitriol in the real world because such behavior would bring serious consequences almost immediately.

So be forewarned, in a world connected by technology, there is an ever increasing chance that the words you choose will either be uplifting or bring about your downfall because all eyes are on you !!!




“This Town’s History”

I am a transplanted Chicago resident who currently resides in a small town in the southeast corner of Iowa known as Keokuk. Originally, the quietness of the neighborhood, the absence of panhandlers and thugs, the lack of constant wailing from police cars and fire trucks gave me a feeling of a place straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. I appreciated the geographical location where the town lays – adjoining states of Illinois and Missouri are mere miles away – and the prospective commerce the Tri – State community could bring. The major economic engine of Keokuk is manufacturing and agricultural services. Lately, there has been an exodus of manufacturing/factory closings in the area with Steel Castings being the most recent. Such an economic decline leaves the city’s residents in a state of disappointment and fear, thus preventing them from using what disposable income they have accrued on patronizing local establishments and bolstering the local economy.


This led me to begin pondering ways in which our city could lift its spirits and economy to the benefit of not only the residents, but our surrounding areas. What I discovered through research and talking with longtime residents is that Keokuk has a very rich history to be proud of. People of historical prominence ( both locally and nationally) have helped shape what the town has become. From sports, politics, art, music, people such as Howard Hughes, Bud Fowler, Ramo Stotts, Benjamin P. Alexander among others have left a unique legacy specifically for this city and region which should be a beacon to many who reside in or visit this area (Keokuk, Celebrities of Keokuk).

First African-American Professional baseball player


Learning that Keokuk has such a renowned history, I began to contemplate how our past history could be merged with the present in order to establish future opportunities for tourism and commerce. This article is just an introduction to my effort in helping our community realize the potential benefits of the rich history many have left for us and hopefully to use that knowledge to empower our citizens, businesses, and government to seek ways to enable Keokuk to prosper.

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The Shame of Marital Rape

Imagine being forced to engage in sexual acts against your will by the very person who professed to be your “soulmate”. Furthermore, the resulting consequence ends up with you being impregnated by the antagonist!! How would you feel? What would you do? Who could you turn to? There are millions of women who’ve experienced just such a nightmare scenario committed by men that pledged to ” love, honor, protect, and respect ” them in the initial stages of a fledgling relationship only to transform into a raging deviant once he believes he has convincingly pulled her into his web of unobstructed control. Federal and local law is clear when it  comes to defining rape and/ or sexual assault perpetrated against victims and assailants unknown to one another, but what exactly does the law say when the parties are involved in an intimate relationship? According to national and state analyses, at least 1 in 7 women have been subject to some form of marital rape (http://ncmdr.org/state_law_chart.html). Since July 1993, all 50 states have some provision in which to charge a husband with this crime yet amazingly, there are still some 8 states that allow exemptions to this law in certain instances.

These are very tumultuous times for the victim and grow exponentially worse when a pregnancy results from this savage act. Due to the fact that there is very little to virtually no prosecution in these matters, the victim will almost certainly remain extremely fearful of repercussion from this miscreant. It has been estimated that up to 70% of marital rapes go unreported by women for various reasons (http://healthresearchfunding.org/21-spousal-rape-statistics/).


When you factor in a society governed by patriarchal laws and add to it misconstrued religious dogma, is it any wonder why women in today’s society still feel disenfranchised? Despite gains made by women over the centuries to obtain equal rights, there remains much to overcome – especially if you consider that the women we speak of are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and daughters of someone. It is shocking to believe that even though we are living in the 21st century, such draconian views towards women are still acceptable in a so- called “advanced” society.

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Born to be Alive!!!!

Going through the transition from displaced worker to independent freelance writer, I have had many a moment when things looked pretty bleak. I question things like my financial outlook, what subjects interest me enough to write about, how can I continue to developed and expand my domain and social media connections, and why is it taking so long to make my mark in this niche industry. By researching other writers, talking to those who are successful and content in their occupations, along with instructors who love to disseminate knowledge concerning the wonders of social media, I was at once both intimidated
and enthralled !!!! Intimidation was a factor because this is a new venture for me. I have been adept at espousing my views via a comment section on some random news article or blog post which interested me but taking it to another level of actually developing my own ideas to share across the medium presented so many unknowns. Understanding that there are perhaps millions to tens of millions of other writers and bloggers in cyberspace – many that possess greater skills and backgrounds – only increased my anxiety but the commitment to actually becoming a part of this community remains. What causes so much excitement for me is the undeniable fact that there is so much to learn about this new world. Where is the niche audience? Should my writing inform, motivate, or enrage people who read it? Does the information I parse out enable the reader to further pursue other means of information by way of differing media platforms? Will it someday lead me to higher exposure or notoriety? Mostly, the biggest question is will  I be able to earn a living doing what brings me enjoyment.


Through the various journeys of life I have traversed, they lead to one singular realization: a life of fulfillment can either be attainable by effort and reward, or denied when one is consumed by failure and constraint. I’ve worked in occupations which have committed me to 16 hour days up to 7 days a week yet lacked satisfaction even as I was content with nice paychecks therefore enabling me to enjoy some luxuries in life for myself and my family. In this moment of my life, reflection becomes a permanent companion whom I can lean on when melancholy creeps in. I contemplate all that has transpired on my life’s journey; all the friends and family who’ve passed on, the memorable or unforgettable jobs I’ve worked, the loves I’ve engaged in, and the many other instances where I have survived and flourish and come up with one conclusion – I was born to be alive and to live this life to its fullest, no matter what!!!

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