Are You Missing Obama Yet?

Are You Missing Obama Yet?

Much of the 2016 Presidential campaign season has centered on whether Hillary Clinton is trusted enough or Donald Trump has the temperament to be commander-in-chief. There doesn’t seem to be much change in their attempts to alter the narrative concerning how people view them on the public stage. As far back as 2005 when Hillary and Bill Clinton attended Trump and Melania’s wedding ceremony as VIP guests it sure looked like all four had a pretty good time.

The billionaire businessman has, over the years, given at least $100,000 to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and  made multiple cash donations  to Hillary Clinton’s various political campaigns before this one.

At the first GOP debate back in August, Trump was asked what he “bought” with those donations of his to the Clintons. His answer sounded much the same as usual:

“With Hillary Clinton? I said, ‘Be at my wedding.’ And she came to my wedding. You know why? She had no choice because I gave.” The Donald boasted.

Clinton gave her familiar parsed and glib take on the subject when asked about it shortly after.

“We were not friends.” she said.“I happened to be planning to be in Florida and I thought it’d be fun to go to his wedding, because it’s always entertaining.”
 Considering that Trump is slumping in the polls of key battleground states this week after enduring perhaps his worst two weeks on the campaign trail – and seeming not to care about it, one has to wonder if the conspiracy theories which orbit this contest may have some merit.
Could it be possible that Mr. Trump is indeed a plant by the Clintons to make the path to the presidency easier for Hillary?
One article I found interesting comes from  theindependentthinker2016. Just before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, he had a conversation with Bill Clinton.
 According to five different aids present for the conversation, Clinton encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party. Whatever happened in that alledged meeting answers many questions as to the Trumpster’s overall behavior.
From his alienation of women, minorities, Muslims, and practically anyone who doesn’t identify as part of his base of supporters, to the latest unhinged comment of  Obama being the founder of ISIS, there is very little doubt the GOP candidate just can’t adjust to being a “statesman”.
Lest we forget Hillary’s shortcomings, it should be remembered that she pursued the same course of action against Barack Obama during the 2008 election. Time and again she questioned Obama’s  legitimacy  to run for president. Bill Clinton dismissed the then-senator’s  2008 South Carolina primary win, and who can forget the infamous Bosnia “sniper fire” story ?

Whatever one may think of either candidate, it is safe to say they both have attempted to use  white nationalism as a means to garner votes from a once monolithic bloc. Clinton has only now realized this isn’t  how to win anymore while Trump and the Republicans can’t  bring themselves to embrace enough of the “others” to make this a competitive race.

Are you missing  Obama yet?

The End Of The “American” Way Of Life

The End Of The “American” Way Of Life

It took longer than expected but with the astonishing rise of Donald Trump, there is a fear among some that the “American” way of life is disappearing before our very eyes. The seeds were planted when Barack Obama was elected as the first person of color to the Presidency of the United States. Now, Hillary Clinton stands as the first women to be nominated for president by a major political party. She is also poised for election as the first women president of this country. Two decades ago, it was considered a goal no minority or women could ever hope to attain. There were novel candidates who ran campaigns but they were never taken seriously by the media or the populace. Obama’s election proved that long held beliefs by some that only white males possessed the ablilty to occupy the highest office in the land was not set in stone. Over the past eight years we have witnessed a continuous insulting of the President, his family, and policies as though there were some hidden agenda behind every decision. Let’s start with the “Obama is Muslim” whispering campaign which began during his 2008 run for president and was made famous by a female supporter of then GOP Presidential nominee John McCain and continues today with reports that Donald Trump surrogates are pushing that narrative during their effort to court the same hate-filled base. The conservatives who have been wringing their hands over Obama’s every decision eagerly lap up the constant conspiracy theories trotted out by right wing media – even when the stories have been fact-checked and proven false. Now, it’s  Hillary Clinton’s turn to face the same type of rumor and innuendo. From the Whitewater scandal to the Benghazi hearings, the notion of a female running for the highest office in the country and the most powerful position in the world rankles the GOP base to the point of voting for an  over the top Reality TV star in the hopes of preserving what they feel is the “American” way of life, whatever that means.

Trump supporters at rally for their nominee

What other persons understand when the slogan “Make America Great Again” is chanted by these die hard, predominately white citizens without a college education is a desire to return to the days of unfettered bigotry and privilege. They fear that if a African – American can be elected and then a woman, what’s to stop a Hispanic, Asian, or some other minority from doing the same thing? They would rather the whole country be destroyed than to watch equality immerse the masses. Why would they want everyone to believe that “all men are created equal” if that meant everyone had the same chance to reach the pinnacle of American leadership despite the fact these same people claim a particular love for the Constitution? They support Trump because they fear the end of their American way of life but so did the Native Americans when they were forced to concede to a new civilization.